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“Dr. Banner.”

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Chris Evans and Stan Lee on the set of The Avengers

#this makes me really sad #because if you ignore the wiring and all the cameras and such #it looks like steve was just at that cafe #and he just happened to encounter one of his old friends from before #and at first he doesn’t recognize him because the man is short and wrinkled and old #but then he looks into his eyes #and they’re a little more worn and a little more sad #but he knows those eyes #and he remembers the laughter that used to play in those eyes #and when the man recognizes him #at first it’s awkward and uncomfortable #because how do you tell what would be an old friend that you’re just like you were when he last saw you #seventy years ago #but then he just gives you this small grin #and he’s got that same laughter in his eyes #and he says ‘long time no see huh rogers’ #and then for just a couple of minutes they’re laughing and talking as if nothing ever happened #as if seventy years hadn’t happened #and in the back of his head steve knows that it’s not the same and that it should be weird #but just for a few minutes#he lets himself forget #lets himself pretend #and just for a few minutes #the future isn’t so bad

I promise I’ll reblog this every time I see it on my dashboard. Because it’s a beautiful post, and because I love it.

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I love the contrast here. He holds out the bag to Bruce at hip level, not even looking at him. He’s treating Bruce like a friend or close colleague, someone he’d casually share with, and Bruce responds first with surprise, then by taking the (at this point unidentified) food. A moment later, offering the bag to Steve, Tony is being deliberately confrontational. Eyes forward, bag shoved up towards Steve’s face, it’s all part of the argument. He doesn’t really want to share with Steve, he’s just being snarky.

I wonder if anyone has ever made it that clear to Bruce that they like him best.

What fantastic analysis.  Reblogged for truth.

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